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About Us

President and CEO John Jaunich was initially trained as a Computer Software Application Engineer before a mid 1990s investment would point his career path in an exciting direction.

That company, Northern Alternative Energy, became a pioneer in the alternative energy industry, building the first commercial wind plants in Iowa, Illinois and Wyoming. Jaunich saw the opportunity to bring his extensive computer training to the burgeoning industry and successfully applied his methodologies to advance the company's success. In the 21st century, Energy Technology, “ET,” is the new “IT” study discipline.

Good asset management is crucial in the wind industry and independent service providers like National Alternative Energy have successfully deployed lifecycle-based management strategies to directly address this task. Jaunich's crews have developed a reputation for being among the industry's best and he is proud to have supported multiple OEMs and owners throughout his career. National Alternative Energy looks forward to supporting your projects now and into the future.